I finally saw Star Trek

Ok everybody can go back to talking about it. The gag order is lifted.


First of all, I loved the film. So let me get this out of the way, my brief list of quirks.

1. What was the point of the Uhura-Spock thing? I don’t see how it advanced the plot or even developed the characters. There was no lead-up to the first elevator scene after Spock turns over command to Kirk. It was just out of the blue.

2. I didn’t like the new Enterprise. It looks more advanced than even the Enterprise-E (Picard’s ship).

3. Kirk’s rebelliousness was taken to the point of hyperbole. The whole adolescent car thief sequence was not believable. If it were my son, he would have been grounded for the rest of his life. Ok, the fact that he wrecked a classic Corvette strikes a nerve with me!

4. Where was the scene where his uncle says, “no you can’t go to the academy, we need you for one more season.” And Kirk says, “but all my friends are going now!” And his aunt says, “Let the boy go. He has too much of his father in him.”

5. Why wouldn’t old Spock give young Spock a bunch of winning lotto numbers?

6.. I didn’t feel the need to introduce every Star Trek principle in this film. It felt a bit contrived that they all met on their first mission. Also, they killed Mrs. Spock. Don’t they need her later?

7. I’ll forgo a number of minor annoyances, but here’s just one example. Uhura orders a Cardassian drink. <Exasperated gasp>, contact with the Cardassians wasn’t made until about a century later. Was that reference really necessary? <dozens of other such references omitted here>

8. The core of the plot was your basic good v. evil. I prefer character-driven stories. For example, Star Trek: The Motion Picture (the first film) was built on discovery and the journey of the human spirit.

On the plus side, what I liked was:

1. The action and special effects did not disappoint; never was there a dull moment.

2. The writing, acting and directing were superb.

3. They didn’t do the prequel thing too over the top the way the Enterprise (series) did.

In summary, the film was innovative but had a balanced amount of homage to the Star Trek canon. Roddenberry would have approved. Now I’m eagerly awaiting the next installation of Star Trek films with this crew. It’s a team that works.


3 thoughts on “I finally saw Star Trek

  1. Totally agree on the Uhura-Spock thing; no point Spock was very traditional seemingly having viewed his father as having a little too much jungle-fever in him, always tended to look more towards home, Vulcan, for the ‘wife’. If the plot line needed to liven Spock up and make Uhura less 2 dimensional, then they might a well have made mention of a DL relationship between Kirk and McCoy since they were trying to downplay Kirk and Spock’s…

    I am also still very conflicted about the demise of the planet Vulcan. I kept sitting there just waiting for the ‘Stargate’-fix where the time line got restored and all was well again. Perhaps this is a leadin to the next next movie’s plot, but a universe with only 10,000 Vulcans? They will no doubt be traveling in packs now for awhile.

  2. I also agree with the Spock-Uhura thing. During the elevator scene, all I could think was, “WTF?!?!” As for Spocks mother, another WTF? She shows up in ST3, so how could they have killed her off?

    I too liked the movie. I thought Zach Quinto was great as Spock–have you seen him in season 1 of Heroes? WOW! Though, I think Chekov’s accent was too overdone, even for humor’s sake. And where was Nurse Chapel? Best part was the humor, especially between Bones & Kirk. “STOP IT!!” Ha!!! Brilliant writing there. Yeah, I can’t WAIT for the next one.

  3. but it’s an alternate timeline, so events can be different … think of all the great stories we will get now!

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