Old School Arcade Games

The current generation of video games are beyond belief, but sometimes I want my old Asteroids back.  My favorite arcade game was Omega Rage, a derivative of Asteroids.  I tend to like vector graphics games the best. Now, who hasn’t spent countless hours with Space Invaders?


Playing clones or knock-offs don’t always feel as good as the real thing. Thankfully, some very ingenious and resourceful people have preserved the genuine experience with a program called MAME.

MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. (click) It lets you run the REAL original arcade games on your computer.  The catch is that you have to find the actual program that ran on the original arcade console machines.  They’re called ROMs, but who cares what that stands for.  There are plenty of sources on the ‘net.

Here is a small sample of the ones I have loaded:



Here’s a sample:


Omega Race



Red Baron


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