iPhone must-have apps

Friends, I have been promsing for a month to put this together. Here are my must-have apps. Visit this page periodically, because I’ll update it as I go. Note, all are free except where noted. Please send me your fav’s as well.

First, you can add a web site url as an app icon. Just go to the desired url in the Safari browser. Once it opens, click the + plus sign, then choose “Add to Home Screen”. Voila

* Google – you can talk to it!!! See this video.

* Say Who – you can talk to this one too! Press the big button on the screen, say a name and be amazed.

* Say Where – for finding addresses.

* Facebook – I admit. I’m hooked. The mobile web site also works well too http://m.facebook.com/

* Google talk for IM chat. Add the url: http://www.google.com/mobile/apple/talk.html

* EasyWriter so you can type emails in widescreen with a bigger keyboard.

* Flashlight lights up your screen when you’re fumbling in the dark.

* Washington Post http://mobile.washingtonpost.com/ just made for the iPhone.

* Sudoku – the one from Mighty Mighty Good Games

* Wikipanion and Wikiamo – for quick access to Wikipedia.

* DC Metro ($0.99) – map and station arrival times (for those stations that are above ground; no signal for AT&T underground … grrr.)

* YPmobile, People and WhitePages – for looking up people and businesses. WhitePages even has a reverse phone number lookup.

* Shazam – hold it up to the radio or even sing into it and it will identify the song. You will not believe this!

* WordPress – for blogging on the go. Also uploads pics. See this page made with this app: http://koset.com/2008/11/22/home-to-detroit/

* Trapster – shows speed traps, red-light cameras and other municpal revenue generation devices … for entertainment purposes only! I mean, who would ever want to drive faster than the posted speed limit?


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